Blogging Assignment Page This is my own personal blog used while earning my Master's Degree at Marian University. It is not used very often; most often I go in and add a few items so I stay updated with how to use a blog.
This blog article shares stories and an interview with an eighth grade English teacher who needed to inspire her students. Purpose of blogging directly from the article: "The real power of blogging, the greatest benefit in writing for a blog, goes not to the audience but rather to the writer. It is in the very act of writing, the preparation of the content you are going to share, that the benefit is found. Writing is a reflective process, and the creation of content you're going to share causes you to work hard to make your thinking clear. An audience creates anxiety, and appropriate levels of anxiety support our best efforts. And the best writing calls for our best thinking." This article asks teachers to vote on one of three "best blogs" available to educators. The results were very close. As a result, I would guess that all three blogs would be beneficial in some shape or form. This article is the most helpful if an educator is looking for variety. Topics are from all over the teaching spectrum (including "irrelevant" topics.) "Most-Viewed Blog Postings--These are the blog posts that received the most hits from readers."