Lesson Plan

Title of Lesson: Plagiarism
Date: Oct. 2009 Timeframe of Lesson: 1 day
Author(s): Lynelle Reak
School District: Mayville School District
Campus: Mayville High School
Subject Area(s): English à Intermediate Composition
Grade Level(s)/Course: 11th Grade Requirement

State Standards

Subject Specific:
(Also: A.12.1, A.12.4, C.12.2, E.12.2, and final essay F.12.1)

Technology Specific: A.12.6, A.12.1, A.12.2

Stated Objective(s)

Students will:
· Quiz themselves on their knowledge of plagiarism.
· Discuss answers to quiz.
· Watch video on YouTube that defines plagiarism and gives examples.
· Distinguish between what is acceptable and what is not when researching and writing essays.

Procedures for Lesson

Before researching persuasive essay topics, students will spend one day reviewing their knowledge on plagiarism.
Step 1) Hand out plagiarism quiz. (This is NOT a quiz to be scored; it is strictly used to test the students’ previous knowledge on what is and is not acceptable when writing. The quiz also outlines consequences for plagiarizing.)
Step 2) Discuss answers as a class. Check for understanding and ask for feedback.
Step 3) Show YouTube video on plagiarism.
Step 4) Discuss video and ask students to review the examples of plagiarism shown in the skits from the video.

This lesson plan is based on using a strategy from Chapter 5 “Nonlinguistic Representation” from Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works by Pitler, Hubbell, Kuhn, and Malenoski.

Assessment or Evaluation

Students will not be formally assessed or evaluated after this lesson plan, but they will be assessed on their final persuasive essays. Their sources will be checked and papers will be scoured for plagiarism.


EXTRA: Students should leave the class that day with a very thorough understanding of plagiarism and the consequences involved. Lesson could be enhanced by checking for software or programs that check essays for plagiarism (both for the teacher when grading AND the students when writing.)
Plagiarism Quiz (copies made before class)
Laptop, Projector, Cart, Extension Cord

Technology Resources: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnTPv9PtOoo
Other Resources: Plagiarism Quiz (photocopies), Answer Key