Lesson Plan Page

Title of Lesson: Modern Literature Decades Powerpoint Project
Date: 2009 Timeframe of Lesson: 5 days
Author(s): Lynelle Reak
School District: Mayville
Campus: High School
Subject Area(s): English/Language Arts
Grade Level(s)/Course: Junior/Senior Lit. Course

State Standards

Subject Specific:

(Reading) A.12.3, A.12.4; (Writing) B.12.3; (Oral Language) C.12.1, C.12.2; (Research and Inquiry) F.12.1

Technology Specific:

(Media and Technology) E.12.1, E12.3

Stated Objective(s) At the end of the unit, students will be able to:
*refresh their knowledge or learn something new that happened in the decades assigned to their groups.
*share decade information with the class. This information will be based on literature, inventions, current events, politics, world events, etc.
*present information using a multimedia product. In this case, that choice would be Microsoft PowerPoint.

Procedures for Lesson
1. Students receive the assignment handout covering the requirements of the assignmentand the rubric that will be used for evaluation.
2. Students are divided into groups of two. Before choosing groups, it might be helpful to survey the students to find out their comfort levels using Microsoft PowerPoint. Students then can be matched up by ability level (comfortable student with a not-so-comfortable student.)
3. Decades are randomly handed out to students. The decades range from 1900 through 1990. Depending upon size of class, more than one group may be assigned the same decade.
4. Students spend the next three days researching their decade based on the requirements listed on the hand-out. They will use information they find on the internet, so the class will resume in a computer lab. Areas they should search for are anything specific and/or significant to their appropriate decade. They should look famous authors, books, musicians, politicians, world events, inventions, local events, lifestyle, family life, jobs/salaries, etc.
5. After researching on-line, student will take information and make a slide presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. They are required to have a certain minimum number of slides. They are to use highlights of the information they found to prepare each slide.
6. PowerPoint presentation must be ready for presentation on the fourth day after project was assigned. Both students in group must actively participate (speak) during their presentation. When presenting, students may not "read" the information to us slide-by-slide. They must use the slides to "present" the information to us. Readers will be downgraded.

Assessment or Evaluation
Participation - Teacher will observe students working while in the research phase to give a participation grade.
Rubric - Rubric will grade overall project, including basic requirements, presentation style, MUGs (mechanics, utilization, and grammar).

This assignment will offer the students a review or refreshment of many events and people they learned in previous history or literature or music classes. This information will prepare their minds for the literature selections they will read in modern literature. If they have a better understanding of events like the Cold War or the McCarthy Era, they will find more fulfillment in this course.

-Assignment handout
-Computer lab
-Laptop/projector/stand/extension cord (for presentation days)

Technology Resources: WWW-Students will use Search Engines to find the information they need.
Microsoft PowerPoint
Computer lab with at least 25 computers available.
Other Resources: Although this presentation can be completed using all computer resources, the students may want to check out other resources in the library (books, reference materials, magazines, etc.)
Technology Resources: URLs, Software, # of Computers, Printers, etc…

Other Resources: Book Titles, Art Supplies, Manipulatives, etc….